Selling Tips

Repair items your REALTOR tells you to

REALTORS are observent, not home inspectors.  This means if they point something out to repair it is painfully apparent to the lay person and will be brought up by many who travel through your home.

Setting the Stage

Some home experts recommend sellers take it a step further and hire a professional home stager — especially for high-end homes that can take longer to sell and have a more limited buyer pool.  Nationally, professional home staging costs an average of $922, according to HomeAdvisor. Homeowners pay between $325 on the low end up to $1,518 on average, HomeAdvisor found.

Don't OVERprice your home!

Finding the right listing price for your home can be a challenge, but it’s one of the most important factors in a successful home sale. Homes that are accurately priced are more likely to sell in a timely manner.